Games Industry – Programmer

Job Description / Responsibilities

Programmers design and create scripted computer code that when compiled, runs and controls the game.  They must be adaptable, being able to edit / amend existing code libraries, as well as writing custom code when required.  Programmers must test any created code and fix any bugs which may occur.  In addition, programmers should be able develop custom tools for use by other members of the development team.

Qualifications / Requirements

Generally, you require a degree, whether it be in physics, maths or computer science.  Most commonly, you will be required to program in C++, although other scripts are desirable and you will usually be tested on this upon interview.

Most likely, you will start as a junior programmer, performing general programming tasks, before specialising and moving up the ladder.


The average starting salary within the UK for  a programmer is £23000, rising to nearer £40000 with experience. More senior programmers can earn in excess of £50000.

Examples of Job Adverts


Example of a Programmer

John D Carmack

Co-founder of ID Software, he is an American games programmer, aerospace and virtual reality engineer.  Carmack was the lead programmer of the ID video games Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Rage and their sequels.



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