Games Industry – Product Manager

Job Description / Responsibilities

The main responsibility of a product manager is to design, create and implement marketing campaigns to maximise the sales of game in production.

A product manager often works for the games publishers, or independent marketing companies who work with publishers.  Working to a strict budget, they must must demonstrate an effective return on the publishers investment when the game comes to shelves.

The key objective for a product manager is to define the marketing position of their games, demonstrating how they differ from competing games and products. In early stages of the games development, they will communicate with the games development team to provide input and suggestions into decisions such as characters and settings, which may help selling the game easier. They will be involved with focus testing of the early designs of the game, overseeing how the feedback is used in the final product.

Qualifications / Requirements

Not required to have a specific qualification for this role, however it is important to have experience within the field. Having past experience of being involved in a whole life cycle of a marketing campaign.  The experience can be transferable from other industries and does not just have to be from within the games sector. Marketing and business studies degrees are most suited to this job role.


The salary of a product manager within the games industry in the UK can range between around £40000 to £65000 per annum.

Examples of Job Adverts



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