Games Industry – Marketing Executive

Job Description / Responsibilities

The marketing executive would be responsible for promoting your games and ideas.  They would plan your games product launch, marketing research and public relation events. Identifying any gaps in the market in which your game could target for maximum sales.

The ME would produce market research based on your game and look at any competing brands to create a tailor-made marketing campaign to help maximise sales. Also, looking at the competitors marketing strategies, using any elements that worked well as inspiration.

As part of the games marketing campaign, they would be responsible for placing adverts within newspapers, magazines, trade press or brochures, as well as TV and radio. Additionally, managing official websites and social media pages.

Qualifications / Requirements

This area of work is usually accessible to adequately trained or experienced people, including graduates. However, marketing is an increasingly competitive area to enter and a relevant degree or further education the following subjects may be particularly useful:

  • advertising
  • business or management
  • communications
  • IT or computer science
  • marketing
  • psychology

Employers more often desire candidates that possess good analytical skills and to be aware up-to-date digital media techniques.


According to, the average salary within the UK for a Marketing Executive is as follows:

  • Marketing assistants and trainees start on salaries around £17,300 to £19,000.
  • The overall average salary is £45,021, with the alcohol, automotive and the TV industries providing the highest wages.
  • Salaries vary greatly depending on the sector but on average the salary for a marketing manager is £38,192, while senior brand or product managers earn an average salary of £48,296.
  • The average salary for a marketing director is £86,165. Certain sectors offer higher wages and so pay increases may come with moving sectors rather than having lots of experience in one area.

Examples of Job Adverts



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