Games Industry – Creative Director

Job Description / Responsibilities

The creative director is describes as the key role within games development, finalising any high-level decisions that decide how the game plays, looks and sounds.

Varying from company to company, some prefer not to employ a Creative Director, splitting the responsibilities between Lead Artists , Lead Programmers, Designers and Producers. The variety a job roles gives you an idea the wide responsibility of a Creative Director.

They are in charge of the overall look and feel of the game in production. The role is relatively new within the industry, a continuation out of the Producers role, which as mentioned in an earlier post, is now more responsible for completing a game on time and within budget.

The directors main focus is to ensure the quality of the game-play, artwork and audio assets, and as they are more commonly the creator of the initial game concept, they make sure it fulfills their vision. Also, promoting it to directors who are not involved with the games production, including marketing departments.

Qualifications / Requirements

The majority of Creative Directors in the industry are graduates, studying subjects such visual and technical arts.

To be successful as a creative director, candidates will require a combination of experience, artistic vision and the ability to inspire others. Experience at a senior level of game development, whilst also having enthusiasm and detailed knowledge of the games industry.


According to, the average salary in the UK for a Creative Director (2014) is £79,333 per annum.

Examples of Job Adverts

Creative Director – Microsoft HoloLens Studio



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