Games Industry – Community Manager

Job Description / Responsibilities

A community manager is often the face of the company, managing incoming or outgoing communications. They will be in contact with customers from across a wide-range of channels including game forums and social media pages, providing regular feedback and information to customers and fans.

They bridge the gap between the community and developers / quality assurance, highlighting any concerns raised from the public and communicating them to the development team. Also, analysing any player behaviors or patterns to produce statistics and reports on their feedback (which may include suggestions for improvements or highlight any bugs).

Ultimately, they are responsible for  customer acquisition and maintaining customer loyalty within the market.

Qualifications / Requirements

According to a job advert for games company Media Molecule, community managers are required to:

  • Desirable to have multiple years experience in community within the games industry or similar entertainment brand
  • Possess experience with generating and executing content calendars
  • Expert on managing all major social media channels and video content including live-streaming
  • Solid project management skills, whilst also being able to work on multiple projects at the same time and prioritise as appropriate
  • Candidate must be able to travel, including internationally, when required to attend social events
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the video game industry


According to, the average salary in the UK (2014) for a community manager is:

“A role in the games industry that continues to grow in prominence is community manager, and for the first time we can reveal the average salary for this role is £23,000.

However, we can see from the individual answers that this salary can vary quite significantly depending on the industry sector (retail, development or publishing) and size of company. Community manager wages ranged from £19,000 up to £32,000.”

Examples of Job Adverts



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