Games Industry – Audio Designer / Engineer

Job Description / Responsibilities

An audio designer helps create the soundtrack for a game. These include:

  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • Character voices
  • Narratives
  • Ambient sounds

All of which, help build the over atmosphere with the game.

The size of an audio department is often very small, consisting of only one or two people depending on the company. This results is  working very long hours.

They must work in line to a creative specification, defined in the games initial concepts, to create a sound design for the game which often includes the composing, scoring and recording of music.

As well as music, audio technicians must source all the sound effects that are required, creating them if necessary. Once sourced, they must then edit, mix and master the collected sounds to produce a final soundtrack for the game.

Qualifications / Requirements

Candidates usually don’t require a qualification to be an Audio Engineer, however like any creative job,  a degree or other higher education qualification in sound engineering extremely desirable.

An interest in music and a strong musical education is needed, particularly the ability to compose music and play some instruments.

Also, knowledge of relevant and up-to-date software packages including Logic Audio, Sound Forge and Cool Edit Pro is beneficial.

An audio engineer will usually require a portfolio or demo of their work. This should show originality, competence and demonstrate an awareness of how sound relates to games of different types.


According to the national career service, audio engineers within the uk earn the follow:

  • Starting salaries can be from £13,000 a year.
  • With experience you could earn from £20,000 to £40,000 or more.
  • Freelance earnings can vary. As a recording engineer it could be possible to earn from £100 to £400 a day. This will depend on your reputation and how much work is available.

Examples of Job Adverts

Creative Assembly – Sound Engineer



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