Games Industry – 2D / 3D Artist

Job Description / Responsibilities

A games artist design the visual look and feel of a game, whether it be in 2D or 3D. Examples of these elements include character models, environments / scenery, textures and numerous props. These artists can also feed into other departments, such as as creating concept art and storyboards, which aid in communicating the overall visual design in the early stages of games production.

Qualifications / Requirements

Majority of artists will require a degree or HND in an art subject, including fine art, graphic design or illustration. Having knowledge of 3D graphics packages such as 3DS Max and Maya, also 2D packages such as Photoshop is also very desirable.

You will mostly start off in a junior position, further deciding whether to specialize in 2D or 3D material.


The average salary within the UK is around £41000 for a 3D artists, whilst 2D artists average around £31000.

Examples of Job Adverts


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