Stephen Hey – EA Chillingo

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to be visited by Stephen Hey, Head of Marketing at EA Chillingo. Stephen provided a talk on marketing within the gaming industry and how it has changed over the 20 years he has been involved.


During the presentation, Stephen gave his opinions based on experience of the Pros and Cons when pitching a game or product.  This advice was immediately relevant as we were then to reverse roles and present our games to him.

Overall, I was surprised how well our presentation went but impressed by the final result.  I am beginning to feel more comfortable whilst talking in front of an audience, aided by last weeks rehearsal and practice. Stephen provided our group with feedback, saying he was overly impressed with our pitch and thought we had a “complete” product.  He really enjoyed the research behind the history in to the game, an element which the praise should be given to Callum, who conjured up a fascinating story. He also suggested numerous possible additional mechanics to help improve our game, including the inclusion of a count down timer to increase stress upon the player, therefore making it more challenging.

In conclusion, it was evident that Stephen has had an extremely successful career, a one the immediately gained the respect of the students around him.  This respect meant that when he talked, we listened intently and we were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to have someone of his stature within the college to learn from.


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