Old Style Lamp and Other Models

On Monday I managed to complete a number of simple models to be used within our group game, Motherland. My group members supplied me with a list of items we required for our environment and I began to work through them.

One model I created was quite different from those I have completed in the past as it contained more spherical shapes. Using a reference image supplied from my team member, Cameron, I completed an old style wall lamp.

When creating the model, I wanted to keep a handle on the polygon count whilst still including a nice amount of detail. Starting with a hemisphere, I used this shaped as a base, manipulating its shape with numerous extrusions and the use of the scaling tool.

To create the cylindrical wall mount, I used the extrude along spline method, using a curved lined I had created in the orthopaedic view. Also, I provide as space under the lampshade to place a point light once exported into the Unity Game Engine. I thought the inclusion of a light bulb would needlessly increase complexity and polygon count, as this would not be seen from the players view.


The main reason I am quite pleased with this model is that it is all one complete mesh , with the inclusion of no overlapping faces or vertices. All that is required is textures from a UV which will require number cylindrical projections, which I aim to complete over the coming days.

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