Public Rubbish Bin – Texturing / UV Edit

Following on from my previous blog post, I started applying textures upon the bin model created at an earlier stage.  However, before progressing I wanted to make an alteration to the UV I had created, at the corner point of where the frame meets.


My initial UV had problems with distortions and skewed any texture I applied upon it. Also, as it was two separate sections, I had a seam which appeared half way through the corner which made texture tiling difficult. The solution was to flatten the UV of the corner sections completely, rescaling them and stitching them to the UVs of the rest of the frame. The process was tricky and time-consuming, however the result was one continuous “U” shaped layer which was easier to texture and contained no seams.

As you can see, I have re-arranged and aligned everything the best I could to help make the texturing process easier. The time spent altering this UV has also helped my understanding of the process itself and I am starting to get the hang of UV unwrapping more complex objects.


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