NextGen Brief – 3Ds Max Version

I decided to transfer to design created previously into a 3D model using 3Ds Max. This provided an opportunity to showcase the skills I had learned so far on the course, whilst also gaining new skills in practice.

Unfortunately, I have little to no screenshots of the process, so I will describe it to the best of my ability.

I created a rectangular plane and applied the image I had previously created in Photoshop as a material / texture. This would be used as my guide.

In the orthopaedic, top view, using the guide I then began overlaying the image with individual 2D triangles (also know as splines). Repeating the process until the the brain shape was recreated. I ensured the 3 individual sections were not attached to enable separate UVs, making texturing different sections easier.

The problem was this image was still 2D. I started raising selected vertices on the “Z” axis to add height. Pulling these vertices to different heights to create the 3 dimensional shape of the brain, using my photoshop image as a guide.

Once I was happy with the overall shape, I started UV unwrapping the model. The unwrap was fairly simple, with most requiring a single projection on the “z” axis. The UVs were then exported into photoshop were a I began colouring the texture to resemble my initial design.

This was my first attempt of the texture, a very simple flat colour. However, this did not transfer very well onto the model as it began to mask each individual polygon and the separate sections became less noticeable. I decided to overlay the UV lines themselves, ensuring all the lines were a simple white.

Sadly, the node design did not transfer very well onto the 3d model and I wasn’t happy on how it looked. In the end, I selected to not include this feature on the model version, in preference of a more simple and clean look.

To finish, I mirrored the complete model back-to-back, almost resembling a coin or a badge.  This enabled the option of rotating the model 360 degrees. The final product is shown below:



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