3D Modelling Challenge

On Friday, our tutor Matty tasked us on modeling an object of choice within 1 hour and 30 minutes. Further on building on this by giving us 45 minutes to UV Unwrap and texture the created model.

I decided upon creating an object relevant to our class environment, using a reference I already had in possession. I required an exterior basement entrance to be situated in the back alley located adjacent to the apartments.

I chose this object as it was fairly simple in its make-up and I felt it would be achievable within the time-frame given.  The model itself required numerous extrusions, insets and the adjusting of selected vertices to achieve the desired shape. I then added a chamfer to selected few edges to help smooth off the corners, whilst also weighing up the increased difficulty of the UV unwrap in doing so. Also, when it came to the handles and the shape I wished to achieve, the skills I currently possess hampered me in modeling them.

Sadly, the UV Unwrap did not go as smoothly as I anticipated and I did not get the task completed within the time-frame. I had difficulty with the stitching of the UVs, and in hindsight, feel I spent too much time agonizing over this issue. I left the lesson fairly annoyed at myself as I felt this task was easily achievable and it became evident that I need to spend further time on UV Unwrapping to improve the speed and quality in which I work.

In my own time I went back to the issue of creating the handles using the skills Matty had taught me after questioning him. I used the extrude along a spline and hinge from edge techniques to help create the angled shape of the handle. Also, using a transition between a cylinder and square shape between the handle and the backplate. I made the choice of having square backplate as this would make the stitching of the handle to the door much simpler, also reducing the number of polygons to do so.

Again, to finish, I need to apply textures to the model. I am going to said a dedicated day and deadline for texturing in order to complete this, and any other unfinished models.


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