Modular Apartment Building – Second Attempt

I encountered a problem when exporting a selection of my existing assets into Unreal Editor, where they seemed small and out of scale.  After investigation, I realised although the Unit Scale settings were set to the correct measurements (cm), the System Scale had reset to to its default.

After some thought, I decided to start numerous walls from scratch and found the process a lot quicker with the practice under my belt. However, I slightly altered the method in which I created these models, firstly by starting off by creating a texture sheet.


Using the above reference image, I compiled numerous selected textures I wished to include on the exterior of my apartments building. I achieved this by using Adobe Photoshop, creating a 2048 x 2048 pixel page which is subdivided using rulers and applying the textures within the grid.  I used I slightly higher resolution of 2048, instead of the popular 1024, as I felt it provided a much higher quality finish on the texture.

The downside of this method is that I found it quite difficult to get textures to align, especially in brick work. I don’t have the freedom of creating a tailor made texture to fit the UV as I am overlaying onto an existing texture I made earlier. I am currently looking into the idea of using extra models in order to mask the seams from the sight of the player, or by simply adjusting the UVS so it is less noticeable.


An improvement from my previous attempt is more elaborate wall models, especially with the windows and doors which now include detailed moulding. Also, I have decided the completely remove the space in which the windows and doors would be situated.  This allows me to create a  separate model/s to fit the shape, providing me with extra creative freedom in making more varied fixtures. An example being on the ground floor I wish to make numerous windows to appear bricked up, with a selection also boarded up, and this method allows me to do this more simply.



My aim is to get the majority of the buildings shell complete by the end of this week, especially the ground floor which includes more of the unique / interesting aspects of the building.  The shell will enable us to visualise the maps layout and we will start to get an understanding of the the player will traverse the environment.


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