White Mapping – Apartment Layout (1)

I have started UV Unwrapping my individual wall segments and starting exporting them into Unreal Editor, allowing me to begin mapping out our apartment layout.

Starting with standard, internal corner and external corner wall segments, I have began building the external ground floor, slowing adding additional walls once I have UV unwrapped them.  Following the top-down plan I had created at an earlier stage, it helped the process progress smoothly.

We benefit from creating a rough layout like this, as it provides a visual representation of the scale of the level, allowing us to understand how the player would navigate through. Also, it becomes apparent of the amount of model assets we will require to fill the space adequately, already giving us plenty of extra ideas of extra models to add to it.

As you can see, I have left the chequered UV map textured on my models.  This enables me to see any inconsistencies and errors easily, allowing me correct the problem and re-import the model without altering existing walls.

When first exporting my models from 3DS Max, I encountered a problem in Unreal where the pivot was situated a great distance away.  This made manoeuvring  individual sections unnecessarily complicated and I look into how to correct this problem.  The issue was fixed by returning to 3DS Max and ensuring the model I wish to export was situation at the centre of the grid. Also, I adjusted the pivot to be located at the most upper right corner of every model, to allow for easy snapping.

I will continue the apartment building to completion and will provide an update in a future post.

Note: I want to give credit to William from my class, who used the brush tool within Unreal to create a similar layout, however the draft did not save correctly, which prompted me to create this project using the assets I created.


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