3d Modelling – Rubbish Bags (Stage 1)

After mapping out our final environment, we decided on the addition of a back alley adjacent to our apartments.  However, it became apparent how many objects it would take to fill this space without making it feel bare and believable. We discussed in our group what objects we would want to find in this back alley, obvious choices being rubbish bins and bags.

Modelling a Rubbish Bag

To first model the rubbish bag I had to concentrate on what was inside, as this provides the padded out shape that rubbish would provide. I began to place numerous boxes and spheres randomly to map out the shape I wish to create, placing an extra sphere at the top of the pile to provide a peaked shape.


Also, I placed a square plane beneath to act as the ground, this provides a collision point when applying the following modifier. I then placed a geo-sphere around these objects to represent the rubbish bag, applying the cloth modifier to it. The below diagram displays this effectively:


When applied correctly, with all collisions turned on, the large sphere will then soften and start to wrap itself around the innards. As a result, it provided the base shape I needed to create my bags.


I then played with numerous set-ups of the inner collisions till I was happy with their shapes.  Compiling them together, you begin to see how they would work in our back alley environment.


To further improve these models, I wish so start tapering the tops to a tip and applying a knot. Tomorrow, I will ask advice on doing this as I cant decide on the best method to replicate this. Once complete, I will applying black plastic textures to finalise the models.

A downside to this method is that the models require a vast amount of polygons and would be very demanding on rendering for such a small asset. I will look into methods in maintaining the quality of model whilst reducing the number of polygons.

I will provide an update on this in a future post.


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