Apartments / City – Modular Building Assets

I have started creating modular segments of our apartment building using 3DS Max, in a fashion which allows quick and easy snapping to enable quick building.

Firstly, I quickly brainstormed key features we instantly relate to apartments, including many aspects which would be interesting, also challenging, to model.


I gathered numerous images of apartments, concentrating on how these buildings are made up in smaller segments. Things such as plain walls and varying sizes of windows stood out and it became apparent that these sections would easily be transferable into modular assets.



I began with a simple 280cm / 280cm / 25cm block with establishment to the top and bottom edge to resemble brick edging to add interest. I left these assets fairly simple in design to allow for easy additions of fixtures and fittings, to add further interest to the scene.


From here, I ensured every asset I created followed the same measurements, including multiples of, to allow models to snap together precisely.  I then began to build numerous and varied wall sections, the more unique assets the more believable to environment will be.


As shown in the image above, the models I created included:

  • Standard Wall Segment
  • Wall Segment with Basement Window
  • Wall Segment with Window
  • External Corner Wall Segment
  • Internal Corner Wall Segment

Further adding freedom to the building process by adding half size / double size assets, with the additions of edging and corner moulding. An example of using a combination of all my current assets shows the potential of this method in creating our apartment buildings, or for use in other buildings in the environment.


As you can see, I have also colour coded all these segments within size and type, to allow locating individual segments easier.

I am currently in the process of creating UV Maps for all of these assets and once complete, I intend to make all these models plus UV maps available to the rest of the class to use, applying textures as they wish.  Also, creating my textures for use on  the apartments

I will continue to create further more varied wall sections, including the main entrance to the apartments, however want some advice on open doorways before proceeding with this.  Also, to create modular window mouldings and embellishments to help make the windows more appealing. Balcony’s are also on the to-do list.

I thought it was important to prioritise creating the walls, as these are what map out our environment and once complete, will allow us to proceed with more unique and interesting models.


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