Texture Sample – Checkered Map

Today I followed a tutorial on creating a tile-able chequered texture sample to be used when testing our UV mapping.  This is often known as a UV map template, a UV checker or a test grid.

Main things to include in a UV map grid and their benefits.


  • A large checker grid to see large distortions.
  • A smaller checker grid to see small distortions.
  • Circles help with solving distortion, as it’s easier for the human eye to see when a circle is distorted than a square.
  • Letters and/or numbers to see when the UV is reversed.

Additional things to include to further testing, which I have not included on my design:

  • Letters and/or numbers to see where a mesh feature is located in UV space.
  • Unique colours across the texture to see where the UV is tiling.

Finally, it is important to off-set your pattern to make your texture tile-able when applying it to your UV wrap.



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