Security Detectors – 3DS Max

Using my previous concepts, I started building the model using 3DS Max.  I began with including a biped, a human character of 183cm (6 foot). This was important as the security detector has to be accessible by the player and this allowed me to scale the model around it. As you can see by the above image, there is plenty of clearance in both height and width.

The model itself started out as a solid box and I used a variation of minus extrusions to carve out the doorway and the extra detailing which runs around the arch.  It became tricky when extruding the diagonal lines and the top of the arch, as the lines became skewed and I had to used a mixture of accessing the wire-frame view and selecting / manipulating vertices into the desired place to correct it.

Also, I wanted to add circular detail onto the model but i had not yet learned how to do this.  I used a tutorial I found on youtube and adapted this to fit my design.  The circular details are still currently very angular and need to be smoothed off at a later stage as I still want some advice on this matter. The link can be found below.

Another technique I used in creating this model is that as the model is symmetrical I only create half of it.  I then duplicated, rotated  and snapped the mirrored model into position. Finally, attached both sections together and welding the over-lapping vertices to complete the combination.


The model I chose was fairly difficult for one of my first attempts at modelling in 3DS Max, however I feel my bravery has payed off as I learnt a lot of techniques through trial and error and watching relevant tutorials.  I aim to finish the model over the coming week by using the chamfer tool to smoothen some of the edges and by adding the final minor details in-line with my concept art.

security1 security2



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