Security Detector – Concept Sketches

After a few rough sketches, I drew a clean version of the final design for the Security Gates (shown above). The gates are based heavily on the detectors found at airport security and I gathered a number of reference images of these.

The purpose of these security detectors within our environment are to help draw attention of the class system within the city we are creating.  Only the more well-to-do population may enter the higher reaches of the city and these security gates prevent the less well off from entering. Also, in terms of gameplay, these gates can act as barriers by sealing of parts of the level which are not accessible without the use of less interesting techniques such as invisible walls.

I again, started colouring my images using the colour pallet agreed as a reference. I began to test out colouring techniques within photoshop, learning new blending techniques to help develop my concept art further.


I finished by cleaning up the rough edges and the final image can be found below.  I will use the as a reference when I come to 3d model my design.


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