Progressing Concept Art

I wanted to re-familiarise myself to Adobe Photoshop, as it is a program I used to use but I became out of practise over the last couple of years.

I decided to revisit a sketch I did last week, a drawing which shows a top down view of the apartments as discussed in the below link:


I used the image as a template, tracing the lines where possible. I began to colour the image using various brush settings, adjusting the flow, opacity, point size and harshness where appropriate.  Also, using the colour chart previously agreed as a reference to keep the continuity through the game.

Colour PalletThe image I selected gave me a great opportunity to play with the light source, making me think about where the light would highlight or cast shadows. I find this incredibly difficult to perfect but feel it is something that will improve with practice, also with looking at plenty of reference images.  I decided to use natural light in the sun. The light would cast down upon the environment, highlighting the highest points and therefore, casting a dark shadow the deeper you get.


Overall, I was happy with the image I had created although I wish to add extra minor details at a later stage. I wish to add more texture into my creations.  I feel it represents the game well in what we want to achieve by showing a high, futuristic and layered building and hope the rest of the team can draw inspiration from it.


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