EGX – Birmingham 2015

Friday was my first experience of EGX, a games / technology trade fair which is held annually, this year in Birmingham. Upon first entertaining the arena in which it was held, I was hit with the sheer size and variety. I was like a child let loose in a sweetshop. I did two laps of the arena to get the lay of the land and to soak in the atmosphere before I did anything of significance.

Future Choices

EGX had a dedicated section for career development in the games and animation industry.  I managed to talk to Derby and Teeside University about my options of progression after completing the Next Gen course, including Games Design, Games Programming, Computer Animation and VIsual Effects etc. I was also handed various course handbooks detailing these.


Indie Games

A group of friends and I managed to have a scout round the Indie Games section, a place where developers and the public can meet, play and discuss their latest title.  This provides precious time for a developer to help sell their product, pitching their game in an enthusiastic and friendly manner as you demo it.  Also, allows time for feedback on things you enjoyed, didn’t enjoy and maybe ideas to add to the game to ultimately improve it.

I will post individual games I experienced in later blogs.


Developer Sessions

Developer sessions are an opportunity to industry known game designers present their latest projects or current hot topics on the big stage.

I managed to get to see “The Journey of VR – Playstation VR”, where a number of Sony developers showcased a little insight into there latest Virtual Reality headset, formerly known as Project Morpheus. I thought this was important to learn it seems Virtual Reality will be a strong player in the industry in the near future.

It started with the history of the company, leading up to VR. The development of Playstation Move was shown. This is important as this technology links in directly with VR, acting as your controller whilst in an augmented reality experience.  Also, the Playstation camera. This links into VR again as it can be used as motion tracking.  It was interesting to see how the development and production of older creations can be used in conjunction with the new Playstation VR, more importantly, improving it.

Lastly, we were shown selected games and experiences designed for VR. These included “The London Heist” and “The Deep”. I really enjoyed seeing what you can produce with this technology, also seeing its capabilities if I progress down a VR development route.


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