Communication – Make A Flash Game

As we entered the classroom, the room appeared to be darkened and a video clip began to play that to showed our lecturer Ant tied to a chair, held against his will. We were tasked with finding his teaching “mojo” and were given a handful of written flash functions and a 2 USB sticks.  Obviously, Ant was unharmed and was hiding in the cupboard at the back of the room and it was evident that this was another task circling around improving our communication skills.

The USB sticks contained identical data and we decided to split the class into two teams allowing us to communicate better in smaller groups. The first file was a space game based upon navigating through asteroids and other obstacles. In addition, there were five other flash files including various code written to run numerous functions such as tweens, transitions, counters and navigations buttons.  It became evident that we had to create a game combining this code as we desired, our first objective was to divide our team into its allocated roles.


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