Class Project – Apartment Initial Concepts (3)

As a team we discussed the potential layout of our apartments, concentrating on the aspects and features that would make them instantly recognisable.


A better quality image can be found here: Apartment Mindmap

The above image displays all our compiled ideas in clear and easy to follow way.  Starting with the apartments and drilling down into the smaller components which make it up.  From here, we can start to add or discard elements and finalise our plan.

LobbyRoomPlanUsing the plans we had created, I drew a top-down diagram of our potential environment.  It is designed taking inspiration from CAD as I did not have access to a computer at the time.  I felt it was important to get a first draft our apartment layout down to gain better understanding what it would look like. Further allowing us to start editing this to suit fit to a design which we all agree upon.

OutsideConceptFrom there, I did a quick sketch of the entrance to the apartments from the town square. It includes many elements from our initial brainstorm and set out in the same way as the top-down plan I created.  This provides a great visual representation which can be used to shown the rest of the class in aid of explaining our idea.

The next step to improve these plans, is to finalise our ideas as a group and create a final draft.  Further building on these plans by using a coloured key to represent which parts of the environment is accessible.


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