Class Project – Apartment Initial Concepts (1)

Within the lesson I started sketching objects that would typically be found in a apartment room.  I initially started thinking about the seating, more precisely, how would a sofa or seat look in this futuristic setting.  I started referring to the images the class had gathered as inspiration (shown above).


I sketched the seating objects (Top Left).  As you can see, it is heavily influenced by the angular and sharp edged furniture shown in the image.  This is a common look when people first think of a futuristic place, an overly clean and sterile scene.

However, I realised that if our environment is set outside, the exterior of the apartments should be prioritised. I started with an idea of a high rise building (bottom left), a tower which at its lowest point is very plain to represent the poor and the inclusion of glass and more expensive materials as you progress higher for the rich.  Also, adding glass walkways which branch off from building to building therefore different classes don’t have to mix.  It gives the impression that these buildings are lived in, therefore creating a more immersive environment.

I started to think about additional fittings which make an environment feel lived in.  Things such as piping systems, air conditioning, windows (open / closed), electricity systems etc. I drew these on a section of wall (Bottom Left), adding a broken pipe to make it match the run down lower level. These fixtures would be perfect objects to 3D Model and have lots of potential to adapt to the environment to make them more interesting.

Lastly, in the top right of the page I drew a security system, reminiscent of the detectors used in airports.


The idea is that this is an additional system in the city which detects the class of the citizen through scanning, allowing or denying them access to certain sections of it. It is again designed in the familiar angular shape but with laser beam technology which further builds on the futuristic feel. Secondly, I thought it would be a clever system which acts as a barrier to stop the player exiting the playing area. This allows us to condense the area into a more manageable size.


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