Class Project – Apartment Initial Concepts (2)


I had a memory from a hotel I stayed in where the apartments had a central courtyard, an enclosed and almost claustrophobic space where all the rooms used to look upon each other.  I started to design the apartments around this idea as it was a great way to reduce the size of the area, however still retaining a sense of scale with the upwards space.


This is my initial top-down sketch.  I chose to draw it this to help exaggerate the sense of scale and heigh of the buildings.  With the addition of walkways which divide the space, which again also makes the environment feel lived in and have a sense of purpose.  Plus, simply to make it look more futuristic and interesting, therefore more appealing to the player.

The item at the centre is a diamond shaped light, however the perspective made it difficult to draw.  I was trying to think of a way to add light to the area and I thought a diamond would be interesting as it would refract the light in numerous interesting ways.  I am currently not happy with this and I am trying to think of a way to improve it.

I shared my idea with the class but I had another theory. This space reminded me of a market / town square and I thought it would be a great place to situate all our individually created shops and buildings.  The space would be very manageable as the tall buildings cut the players line of site meaning we wouldn’t have to worry about distant details.

We all agreed to build the environment around this square space, however improving with the addition of extra entrance ways and alleys to make the area have function.

The design I created for the apartments became the guide in which we will build the who environment around.


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