Class Project – Futuristic City Environment (1)

Today we began our first class project as a group, to plan and create a futuristic city environment following Faye’s brief.

Each individual had came up with 5 or more images for inspiration, representing how the think think the environment should look and feel. First step was to filter these images down into a more precise mood-board so that everybody had a clear vision on its design.

We started by moving the seats into a large circle as this gave us a great space in the centre which everybody would have a clear view and therefore, could input easily. Everything started perfectly. Shortly after, the communication wilted and the class began to talk in smaller groups, friendship groups.  This resulted in information and opinions not reaching the entire group and the design became more biased to the most assertive group. Also, we chose to ignore the space in the centre of the room and started creating the mood board on the wall. It was a mess.


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