Pitching 1900s Environment Idea

Firstly I designed a quick slide displaying my British 1900’s environment idea, discussed here:


The slide consisted of selected images which best represented the environment I wished to create.  I created a mood-board using photographs from an 1900s town, screens from Bioshock to show the positive art-style and screens from Dishonoured to display the negative twist on the environment.  These images were placed left to right respectively as I felt it was a interesting way to show how the ideas all link together, from the 3D modelling to the selection of artstyle / colours.

I presented this slide to the rest of the class, discussing my idea and explaining why I thought it was a good environment to use.  However, after I had completed my short presentation, I wished I had explained more into why I thought it would be an interesting place to model, with all the interesting machinery and architecture, to help sell my idea.

We were than asked to vote on our favourite idea from the rest of the class. Sadly, my idea was not chosen and I would have liked to have researched further into 1900 designs.  However, Faye’s idea which I had voted for, had been chosen.  The environment was a futuristic city, designed heavily around blue lighting and how it effects the objects around it.  I chose this environment as I thought it gave a lot of creative freedom as it is set in the future, all ideas would be from the imagination and wouldn’t rely on history.

Over the next few weeks, we will be creating 3D models as assets to help build this environment.  I will keep you posted.


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