My Romo

Today we were lucky enough to be visited by Ian Matthews, an Education Consultant at Osborne Tech and a PhD Researcher of Videogames & Learning at Leeds Uni. He brought along a little robot named Robo designed for children to learn the basics of computer programming by playing with Romo’s intuitive commands through a phone application.

In groups, we had a chance to have a extended play with Romo. Advancing through the tutorial, we learned basic programming concepts. An example being programming it in a certain way to move in a triangular path by linking move forward and turn commands.

My Romo can be programmed to turn by the user inputting the amount of degrees which they wanted.  I realised this could be used to teach other forms of direction such as cardinal direction (north, east, south and west) by linking into the phones gps / compass application.  I questioned Ian on this and he agreed, also that the company are currently working on this feature.

To conclude our time with My Romo, Ian asked us to come up with variants on the character design using Flash.  I decided to do a professor like character which I though was relevant when the application was teaching children. The feedback I got was great, especially as I had not used the flash software in a while.

CaptureROMOFor more information on Robo, click the link below.


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