Coding in Flash

Today we received our first tutorial on coding in Flash using Adobe Flash Professional CC.

To start the lesson we watched a trailer of Uncharted 3, noting down what components each job role between Game Designer, Animators, Visual Effects and Programmers were responsible for in creating the game.  This stressed the importance of the programmers, therefore coding itself as they are responsible for knitting all the parts together.

This lead nicely on to the tutorial as we began by creating a circle and a rectangle using lines of code, simple.  We were then tasked to combine what we have learnt to create a more complex procedural generated graphics.  This is what I came up with and the code which was used to generate it.

FlashTutorialAlthough basic, overall I was very pleased how quickly I grasped the coding and the image I created. I aim to progress this by practising in my spare time by learning more complex code to help improve the images I can generate.


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