Environment Ideas

We have been tasked to come up with an interesting environment for a game, containing potential for varied 3D modelling.

Coincidentally, I visited Beamish yesterday, an open air museum which depicts life in the north east of England through the 1820s, 1900s and 1940’s.  Further, through different walks of life from farms, pit villages and the mines themselves.


However as a child, even now, I was taken back by the beauty of the 1900s town. The diversity of colour from the bright reds and contrasting white on the trams, the varied shop fronts and the almost over saturated colours on the advertisement boards.  It depicts life leading up to the First World War, when British industry was booming and life was cheerful and the colours reflect this.

Beamish Items

I really like the mixture of Victorian and Edwardian architecture including the diverse doorways, windows and shop fronts would be great to model.  The 3D modelling potential continues in the multitude of items in the hardware shop, sweet shop and mechanics garage (shown above).  I have compiled images to support this:

Going back to the “over saturated advertisements” I had mentioned earlier, this reminded me of the art style used in the game BioShock Infinite.  Colours popped off the screen due to the high brightness and contrast creating a very vibrant and upbeat feel. Although heavily influenced by American culture, I feel it would transfer well into my environment.  I also like the idea of the art style being almost looking hand painted and heavily stylised to reflect the advertisements and product labels of the time.

Beamish tin

Gathered images of Bioshock Infinite

Now for the twist. I wanted the bright, cheerful and colourful style to emphasize the contrast of the horror of the upcoming war. Using the same scene but showing the aftermath of a war and how it effects an environment.  Existing 3D models could be altered and deformed as if they had been hit by a bomb, for example. The use of duller shades of colour to represent the sadness and grief which surround the area.  I used the game Dishonoured as example of how a darker colour palette effects the mood of a scene.


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