Introduction to 3DS Max

Today we had an introduction to 3DS Max, a 3D modelling program used to make such things as 3D animations, models, games and images.

We began with an introductory tutorial explaining basic tools including extrusion, insetting, scaling etc.  We were also given keyboard short-cuts to use within 3DS Max, making for a quicker and more efficient way of using the software.

The images below show my first attempt at creating a computer monitor from numerous perspectives.


Overall, for a first attempt, I was pleased with the outcome. Although simple, I feel the object is recognisable and clean looking. I would however, want to start adding more complex details such as angling the screen, adding minor components such as ports and designing the model using more precise measurements.

Secondly, we were taught how to use the vertices selection and connect tool in conjunction with each other to create vertical and horizontal guidelines which could be extruded to create shelves (shown below).


After my initial attempt, I felt the shelving unit was too wide and out of proportion.  I used the scaling tool to reduce the width to a size more appropriate to improve the overall look.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed using this software and aim to use this as much as possible, learning new and more complex techniques using online tutorials.


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