Presenting our Game

On Friday we pitched our game, ISO, to our tutors.  Overall, the presentation went well, leaving the audience with a clear understanding of what the game is about, how it plays, how it looks and what the goal is.

I feel a particularly strong segment of the presentation was the isometric illustrations of level designs I had created, shown above.  They provided a simple yet interesting visual which the audience could understand easily.  However, I feel a weakness in the presentation was when I came to explain these visuals.  I tried to include as much information about the design as possible which I feel became over explanatory, therefore boring. Often causing me to trip over my words, losing the flow of the presentation.  I aim to simplify my explanations, keeping them short and snappy to retain the audiences interest.

Following feedback, we were made aware that the mood-board / inspiration segment needed to be developed.  The audience felt the content was light, wanting a more in depth explanation of our inspiration and the development of these ideas into the final game.  Also, to include more visual examples for the audience to refer to.

I found a great tutorial on how to upgrade mood-boards below, and hope to implement this over the coming months.


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