GameMaker Studio

Today I started to familiarise myself to GameMaker: Studio. GameMaker was used to created games such as the popular Hotline Miami and Spelunky.

I started by creating a simple sprite, rotating and saving it 4 times facing up, down, left and right.  I designed a quick background to look like grass and made a room to contain it.  Finally, I created an object using my sprites as the base, adding events to allow the player to move in the four directions using the directional key pads.

GameMakerTest1To build upon this, I wanted to add diagonal movement, allowing the player to move in 8 directions.  To achieve this I had to write some GML code as a “step” event in the object.

GameMakerCodeimage_speed: Effects the speed the object, in this case the player, moves.

keyboard_check(): Selects which key you wish to assign the command to.

direction: Using 0 – 360 degrees to select which direction you wish to move.

speed: The higher the number, the faster the movement in the given direction.

sprite_index: Selects the sprite you wish to use once the key is pressed.

As a result, the games now runs like this.



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