Refining Level Designs using Adobe

I have started refining the level designs / props in Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop using my earlier drawings as a template.

Take my simple 1×1 platform as an example.

CubeSketchThe image is of a poor quality and would not give a good representation of the final product. I began to recreate this in Adobe Illustrator, starting with a 10cm by 10cm page and dividing this into 1cm squares using guidelines.


Using my drawing as a reference, I started assembling the cube using the line segment tool. Ensuring all the lines were parallel to make the perfect isometric image.  I added extra detail on the top face as I felt it improved the overall look.


The image is already looking cleaner, therefore more professional.  However, I felt the image still looked a bit flat. In result, I started applying tones of grey to shade the object to increase the 3D appearance. I exported the image into Photoshop to do this as I felt it was easier.


Finally, to complete the cube, I wanted an appearance of a blue glow emanating from the centre circle of the cube.  This was a deliberate design choice as it adds a bold splash of colour in an otherwise white environment.  Also adding to the overall futuristic theme.

CubeTutorial4I used the same process to reproduce the design for the button our game.

Button Concept


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