Level 1 Design – Complete

The final design for the first level is now complete.  It clearly maps where the player enters, the route the player takes over obstacles and the players goal to reach the exit.

I designed this level to introduce the player to jumping.  Its purposely designed to have no hazards to allow the player to became familiar with the mechanics without punishment.

The character jumps in relation to how long you hold down the jump button. The longer you hold down the button, the further you jump. This in mind, I introduce the player with a couple of little jumps, leading up to a much larger jump which helps develop the mechanic whilst giving the player a feeling of progression.

I have moved the entrance staircase from earlier designs to the centre of the room, from the left hand-side.  The reason being, the team and I wanted a greater sense of scale when exiting the starting area and felt being in the centre of the room achieves this. I also like the symmetry of it.

One other change made is that the exit door has moved from the side wall, to the centre of the wall directly in front of the entrance staircase.  I have designed it this way so the player clearly sees their goal from the start, whilst having a sense of wonder as its up a height without a clear route how to get to it.


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