Rockets and Wormholes – My Game Concept

Stuck in the deepest, darkest corner of outer space your ultimate goal is to make it back home, Earth.  Race against your fellow astronauts and encounter rockets, wormholes and other obstacles which may help or hinder along the way.  The winner lives a long and prosperous life on earth, whilst the losers are forever lost in space and time.

Rockets and Wormholes at its core, is a multi-player (up to 4) game based on luck.  The players role a dice and move across the board to the resulting number.  Landing on a space which occupies a rocket allows the player to progress quicker across the board, although Wormholes do the opposite.

Incorporating an extra element of pick-up cards, used in such games as monopoly, adds further luck.  However, a selection of these cards require player choice, adds a hint of skill. Example:

“Switch places with a player of choice.  This card can only be used on your turn.  Playing this card however, counts as your turn.”

Or some cards provide a simple:

“Move forward “X” spaces” , “Move backwards “X” spaces”

I can further immerse the experience by adding to the story with these cards, for example:

“You have stumbled across an old abandoned space station, containing some sort of transportation device.  Switch places with a player of choice.”


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